Denver Models Safety Policy

At Denver Models, we are committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all individuals who work with us or attend our events. Our safety policy is designed to maintain a zero-tolerance approach to any form of misconduct, including but not limited to inappropriate behavior and physical contact. This policy is essential to promote the well-being and professionalism of our team members, models, clients, and event attendees.

Policy Statement

1. Zero Tolerance for Misconduct: Denver Models has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of misconduct. We are dedicated to ensuring that our workplace and events are safe, respectful, and free from any type of inappropriate behavior.

2. Inappropriate Behavior: Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to harassment, discrimination, bullying, offensive language, or any conduct that is unprofessional or disrespectful.

3. No Touching Policy: Physical contact of any kind, which is not explicitly consensual and necessary for the performance of job duties, is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to unwelcome touching, hugging, or any form of physical harassment.

Consequences for Violations

Denver Models is committed to enforcing this Safety Policy. In case of violations, the following actions will be taken:

1. Warning: An initial warning will be issued to the individual involved, clearly outlining the nature of the violation and the expectation for immediate correction.

2. Ban: In cases of extreme or continued misconduct, Denver Models reserves the right to ban the individual from all our events and services indefinitely.

Reporting Violations

We encourage all individuals who witness or experience misconduct to report it immediately to our designated point of contact. We take all reports seriously and are committed to keeping your information confidential.


All individuals working with Denver Models, as well as event attendees, are expected to comply with this Safety Policy. By choosing to work with us or attend our events, you agree to abide by these principles.

Review and Updates

This Safety Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with legal standards. Any updates or changes to the policy will be communicated to all relevant parties.

Denver Models is dedicated to maintaining a safe, respectful, and professional atmosphere for everyone associated with our company. We thank you for your cooperation and commitment to these principles, which are essential for the well-being and success of our organization.

Who Must Follow Our Code? 

We expect all of our members, contractors, partners, community members, studios, venues, and any other entities or individuals looking to work with Denver Models in any capacity. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including the end of any and all professional relationships with an induvial or entity described above. 

What If I Have a Code-Related Question or Concern?

If you have a question or concern with any part of our Denver Models code of a conduct, please feel free to reach out and email us at and we will reach out to you within 2-3 business days. We value your concerns and want to be able to answer your questions as well if you have any at all regarding our Denver Models Code of Conduct.

Serving our Community

Our community is the most important aspect of Denver Models, and we want to deliver amazing experiences to all. It is up to us all to continually practice best intentions and respect one another in order to promote a healthy, collaborative community. 

1. Integrity

Our reputation of keeping our community safe and accountable is our most valuable asset. We ask that you protect our community by refraining from any forms of inappropriate behavior which includes but is not limited to; sexual or lewd comments; inappropriate touching; any form of racism, transphobic, hate speech of any kind; and other actions that would deem harmful to the individual or community. This stands true when interacting with our social media accounts online. We ask that you always come with your best intentions in any capacity.

2. Consent

The culture of our community is focused on consent. When working with members within our community such as our events or other public interactions Denver Models provides, we ask that you ask for consent to shoot. When shooting, videoing, creating digital content of any kind with a model(s) ask for permission as consent is at the forefront company values.

3. Venues and other Creative Spaces

Denver Models works with many venues as well as other creative spaces to offer events both through partnership and renting. We ask that all those who attend these events respect these spaces and treat it as if it is your own. Following all and any rules outlined by each venue or other creative space they have set forth. 

4. Respect 

We ask that all creators respect one another as well as all indviduals within our community. Respect includes tagging, crediting, and documenting all individuals involved in a creative work. Respecting creators is giving them credit where credit is due. 

5. Drugs and Alcohol

We prohibit any form of illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol within any event Denver Models holds. At times alcohol may be provided or be available for purchase to those who are of legal age. If that is not the case, then it is prohibited.