Our Next Event: 


Our next event will be a model runway workshop hosted by the poised, professional, and incredibly talented Davry! Davry comes with many years of experience and it multifaceted within the fine arts. He has experience in dance as well as teaching dance. When he moved to Denver some years back, he soon stepped into the fashion industry we have here in Denver and excelled eloquently. Soon he become a model runway coach and continues to coach and hold workshops of his very own! We are very excited for him to be working with us and offering a model runway workshop as we gear up for our two castings coming in July and August for our Denver Models Fashion Show in October!

If you are selected to walk for our fashion show by the designers chosen, you will be compassionated $100 dollars! Regardless of ticket sales models should be paid when they walk in a fashion show and that is something we firmly believe in. 

Hope to see you soon!

Ticketed Events

  • Ticketed events will be similar to meetups however there will be a cost associated to the event. Depending on the event we will only have a designated number of tickets sold, once they sell out, they are gone.

  • These events will be held at studios, galleries, venues, anywhere that offers a creative safe space.  

Styled Shoots

  • These are ticketed events where Denver Models creates the experience for you! We have two types of styled shoots! The first are themed events where models, photographers, and videographers can attend and create in a one-of-a-kind space made be our team.
  • The second type of styled shoot events are also themed however these are where our signed models pose for the photographer or videographer and not open to outside models. Our signed models bring an assortment of outfits and coordinate to capture the perfect shot!


  • We do hold workshops at Denver Models that range from lighting, posing, safety, and a number of other teachable skills that benefits the creators in our community.
  • Our Workshops are centered around offering information and teachings that can be applied instantly. The whole point of a workshop is to become better at something you know little to nothing about. With that in mind we strive to truly teach our creators so that when they leave, they can execute what was taught and feel confident in doing so.